So you want to be a blogger?  Maybe you know someone that blogs and makes a bit of money on the side, or you’ve read about some of these ultra bloggers that make thousands per month doing nothing more than writing a few posts on their websites every month.  This is the dream life, especially for a surfer who needs to be available to follow the waves and go surf when there’s swell.

This is what I’ve been doing, and I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years.  I’ve written all about how to start a WordPress blog over at this post on one of my blogs, Surfing Handbook.  Essentially blogging is very easy.  You just have to learn a few technical things, but thankfully WordPress is so easy that most people can be doing it within a few hours.  If you can write and use the internet you can start blogging within a day.

I highly recommend that if you’re going to be a blogger that you buy a small hosting package and get your own domain name.  You’ll have the best results and the most fun.  And this is especially important if you’re going to be trying to earn money through advertising.  Most advertisers will want you to have your own site up and running.

The next step is deciding what you want to blog about.  I highly recommend that you look into what your hobbies and passions are.  If you can blog about your passions you’re going to have the most success.  This is especially true when you look at some of the most popular and successful bloggers out there.  They are writing about what they love and they’re having fun doing that.  Having fun is contagious and it leads to an active follower base.  When I was learning about blogging I started out with my surfing site because I lived and breathed surfing.

Once you’ve got a site up and running you’ll want to add some content.  Do not worry if it’s perfect or not.  Just get started.  You can always edit, delete, or replace it later on.  If you have some photos put those up there too, or if you don’t have photos you can use some of the free stock photos over at Pexels or Pixabay.

Once your blog has a bit of content you can sign up for a Pinterest account.  Promoting your blog on sites like Pinterest is great before you have a strong Google presence.  It’s hard to get found on Google right away, so Pinterest is a great help to get some traffic to your blog.  This will boost your confidence and allow you to see that there are definitely people out there that want to see what you have to say.

Lastly, don’t get discouraged!  Becoming a blogger that makes some money doesn’t happen overnight.  It might look easy but there is still a bit of a learning curve.  However, with a bit of perseverance you can definitely make it happen.

So You Want To Be A Blogger?